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  • The MDP (Medium Density Particleboard) or Medium Density Particle Board managed to unite the quality of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or Medium Density Fiber, with better cost-effectiveness. Both products now have basically the same manufacturing process. MDP is the most used product in the furniture industry worldwide.
  • MDP uses ecologically correct wood, transforming the logs into particles that are then used in layers, with a higher thickness.
  • BP is a moistened low pressure melamine paper. It is resined and taken to a flat press in which it undergoes the effects of temperature and pressure, fusing the paper to the panel, originating the BP coating, which can be applied to MDF, MDP or agglomerate panels.
  • Semi Gloss Painting is ideal for preserving the color of furniture, especially small and light colored furniture. It is characterized by a light shine, without exaggeration.
  • Cleaning is easy and can be done with a damp cloth, which does not remove the shine and does not scratch the furniture.
  • The semi-gloss furniture brings a touch of refinement, combining with any environment, without becoming flashy.
  • A piece of furniture with semi-gloss paint becomes high quality and very beautiful.
  • L: 127 cm (Width)
  • P: 46.5 cm (Length/Depth)
  • H: 74.5 cm (Height)
  • Colour: Walnut