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PA222051 WHITE

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For those looking for a solution for the living room, the Lincoln TV rack is modern, functional and elegant.

With its floating top, an established signature of its design, it has a futuristic style and adds a lot of concept to any living room.

It brings with it a lot of European design style, with light color contrasts and minimalist lines.

Its wide, straight bench doesn't have limitations for TV sizes, but it's also perfect for use with a panel of the same line.

Produced in reconstituted wood sheets (MDF and MDP) with FSC certification.

Large drawers with high-performance telescopic slides.

8mm glass shelves.

Finished in UV varnish with high resistance to abrasion.

  • Width: 2170 mm
  • Height: 552 mm
  • Depth: 447 mm
  • Volumes: 02
  • M3: 0.2231
  • Product Weight: 77 kg
  • Supported Weight: 60 kg