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PA1015151 WHITE

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With elements of industrial and contemporary design, Kepler harmoniously blends wood and metal finish.

The beauty of wood and the sophistication of metal harmonize with straight shapes and machined details, providing an exclusive look with lots of personality.

Feet are produced in carbon steel with a copper electrostatic paint finish. It has anti-rust treatment in its process.

Doors are articulated through 35mm hinges made of steel and with smooth closing provided by the soft close system.

Its timeless concept fits the main styles used in architecture and interior design, allowing its use in classic, vintage, modern or contemporary environments, whether in houses or small apartment spaces.

In addition to the elegance, it is a functional piece of furniture, serving as a buffet for placing dishes and cutlery. In addition to serving as a sideboard, whether for the living room or dining room, allowing decoration with trays, vases and other decorative objects.

Structure produced in reconstituted wood (MDF/MDP) with a high resistance UV varnish finish against scratches and abrasion.

This product is produced respecting and valuing the main sustainability practices worldwide. Raw materials from wood come from certified reforestation or authorized forest management, as well as their subsequent production process, carried out with sustainable practices and with proper collection and disposal of industrial waste for recycling purposes or other suitable process.

Technical information:

  • Width: 1812 mm
  • Height: 744 mm
  • Depth: 377 mm
  • Volumes: 03
  • M3: 0.1673
  • Product Weight: 54.5 kg
  • Supported Weight: 30 kg