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Country Grey is now packaged in a LITRE and the color is different than what was in the quart containers! Back as the end of 2018 / early 2019 Annie Sloan took over the distribution of her products in North America.  Annie's products are sold in over 60 countries and North America was the only one - where the pigments were slightly different and the packaging was different.  So, to bring us inline with all the other countries, a change was made and the color of Country Grey drifted.  It once had a slight tinge of sage....or a soft green to it.  The paint is more like a puddy or a neutral and that slight sage - is no longer.   The packaging increased from a quart to a litre - so from 32 ounces to 33.8 ounces.  1 Litre will cover around 120 square feet...give or take!

Annie Sloan's Country Grey is a putty color using greenish raw umber, and is a really useful color. It is NOT a grey.  It's terrific on its own and with white or for distressing as a top coat with Cream or Scandinavian Pink underneath. It is generally seen as a more rustic color good for a country look rather than the chateau.

Another way to use it is to mix it into another color such as Chateau Grey or Duck Egg Blue to make them paler and knocked back. I like Country Grey paired with Antoinette!