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Chicago Grey is a cool, fresh and modern grey, with a hint of blue. Suggestive of the architecture in Chicago. A perfect neutral for industrial interiors, or muted Scandinavian styling.  This color is similar to what Paris Grey use to be when it was packaged in "Quart" container prior to the end of 2018. It is not an absolute exact match, but very similar.  Chicago Grey is a cooler tone!  It can reflect some subtle blue if in a room with lots of blues.  They will influence what your eye sees Chicago Grey as.  Sort of like holding one of those little yellow flowers under your chin- we use to call "Butter cups" when I was a kid.  Does that make sense?  If it does are probably much younger than me.

1 Litre will cover around 120 square feet...give or take! After painting, seal indoor furniture with chalk paint wax On floors, seal with chalk paint lacquer.